Searching For A Top Rate Auto Shipping Company


There are many resources available to assist you in discovering a reliable auto shipping company. The best approach is to gather multiple car shipping quotes so you can compare shippers and find the best transporter for your specific situation.



Locate a Top Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 1.jpg

1Get quotes from different transport companies.


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2After gathering your quotes, it may be beneficial to research the auto transport companies that sent you prices. You can visit an auto transport review board to read customer comments on any auto carrier.

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3Check with your local Better Business Bureau office to verify your prospective auto transporter is in good standings, and has no outstanding issues.

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4Verify that the auto shipper has their required bond and licensing information on file with the FMCSA. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association is committed to the promotion of Safer Driving in the Commercial Motor Vehicle industry plus a great resource for verification of a carriers safety records.

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5Ask family or friends if they have ever used any auto transport services. Recommendations are a good way to get a trustworthy auto transport company.

Find a Best Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 6.jpg

6Schedule your pickup using the auto shipping expert of your liking. After your car or truck is delivered, be sure to leave feedback in your experience so that future customers can use your experience to acquire a good idea of methods that auto transporter operates.

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