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LAS VEGAS-With its much-anticipated Chevy Volt set hitting the streets by the end of the year, General Motors is beginning to provide a more detailed (although in no way complete) picture of life with an electric car. Concentrating on the daily logistics of earning sure your electric car has enough juice to help you get from point A to point Chevy, GM and B subsidiary OnStar have recently introduced a brilliant phone application to help drivers remotely manage the charging process. The announcement came here late Tuesday with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The OnStar Mobile application, initially available for the Apple iPhone, Blackberry Storm and Motorola Droid, will let Chevy Volt owners perform a variety of actions via their cell phones, including initiating the charging of their battery, unlocking the doors and starting the engine. Prior to the battery is fully depleted, the app will also provide Volt owners with information about their car battery’s current level of charge and how many miles they may drive.

Once the car has begun recharging, OnStar Mobile will notify owners via text message when the process is complete or alert them if the process has been interrupted (for example, if there has been an electric power outage or someone has physically unplugged the car).

Volt owners will have to be able to control charging even when they are not in the vehicle, OnStar President Walt Dorfstatter said during the CES press briefing. Which means that companies like Chevy and OnStar need to develop new methods for connecting drivers to their vehicles, he said, adding, “We believe the app will fundamentally alter the way drivers interact with their cars, advancing.”

OnStar Mobile is available for a free download to iPhone and iPod Touch devices via Apple’s App Store. Motorola Droid and Blackberry Storm users can download the app from

Up to this aspect, GM has become relatively quiet about how it may use OnStar’s in-car communication service with the Volt. In September Britta Gross, GM’s manager of Hydrogen and Electrical Infrastructure Development, noted that electric vehicles could eventually need to be able to communicate directly with power utility companies to ensure these cars “don’t make peak loads worse than they are today,” but she said the company had not yet defined OnStar’s role in this.

Ford, on the other hand, has now assured drivers that its SYNC in-car communications product is expected to play a big role in tying electric cars in with home owners’ smart meters to figure out a battery’s power level, indicate just how long it will take to totally recharge, and schedule when the process will start. SYNC is predicted to be one of the primary topics of Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s CES keynote Thursday morning.

Learn About Your Country

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much our country has to offer. The majority of people don’t think of the natural wonders that dot our terrific landscape, though we are known the world over as a nation that fights for freedom and democracy. We are a nation of immense diversity with rich history that we can be both proud of and learn from. It could be foolish and overly idealistic to think that the United States was built on noble cause alone, so it’s essential to appreciate our wonderful country as objectively and open minded as is possible.


I’ve driven across this great nation twice now. Once I drove from Boston to L . A . along the Northern border, and once from Boston to La criss-crossing over the South. Both routes offered me terrific insight and wonderful experience and I highly recommend making enough time to take this epic road trip. If you are considering doing this, you absolutely must have a dependable, fuel-efficient car or SUV. That’s why I do believe you should look no further than the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder. You can purchase it a hybrid as well. This is definitely the more sensible choice because hybrids get better yet fuel-efficiency along long stretches of uninterrupted highway. If you make this journey, you’ll get a large amount of that, and believe me! Go to Puente Hills Nissan or immediately to help you start planning your trip.


When leaving from Boston, I would recommend first stopping in Washington D.C. What better place to start an appreciation for the country compared to Nation’s capitol? Here you will learn about the events and other people that shaped our Washington and nation D.C. will inspire a thirst within you to learn more about the country.

From Washington, I went down to New Orleans and enjoyed some of the best food and most rich culture that our country offers. I had among the best meals of my life there. It was catfish, covered in crawfish, smothered in garlic butter and served with herbs. Just thinking about it is making my stomach grumble even now. After New Orleans, I traveled west through Texas, stopping at the Alamo and then to one of the best steak houses anyone has been to. Right outside of El Paso I discovered a true gem called Cattleman’s Ranch. My last major stop in my way to La was at the Grand Canyon. One could spend years exploring this world famous natural wonder and still only get a small sense of the geology and wildlife.


Alfa Romeo produces 4C Spider


From the time we first laid eyes on the Alfa Romeo 4C, we’ve been thinking that the very best just must come down. The ultralight two-seater looks designed to drive together with the air rushing through your hair, and a convertible version is finally around the way. Alfa Romeo revealed the 4C Spider a week ago at the Geneva Motor Show.

A look at the carbon and leather fiber inside the 4C Spider (Photo: CC Weiss/ Romeo 4C Spider from aboveThe Alfa Romeo 4C will quickly be available by using a proper soft top (Photo: CC Weiss/ Gizmag.c…The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider (Photo: Alfo Romeo)View all

While it’s referred to as a “”Design Preview, this is apparently nothing more than a technicality as this car looks like it’s prepared to roll into dealerships as is also. Alfa says that it would begin Spider production early next year.

So that you can give the 4C the proper roof shaving it’s long deserved, Alfa strengthened the structure in the car in order to meet convertible regulations. As usual, this process added weight, but the Italian automaker managed to keep that addition to around 132 lb (60 kg) thanks to the consumption of carbon fiber roll bars, windshield and spoilers surround. The elimination of the rear windshield and the soft canvas top also helped. The convertible maintains the 40: 60 front-rear weight distribution in the coupé.

The Spider is powered through the same 1.8-liter turbo four as being the coupé (Photo: CC Weiss/ Gizm…

Taking the extra 132 lbs into account, the Spider should weigh within just north of 2,100 lb (955 kg), creating performance “”all but identical”” to the 4C coupé’s 4.5-second -62 mph (100 km/h) and 160 mph (258 km/h) top speed. Those numbers come by way of the same 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder driving the back wheels through Alfa’s six-speed dual clutch TCT transmission.

Alfa also gave the Spider a few evolutionary updates, though simply prying the top off of the 4C would have been more than plenty. The Design Preview shows a new set of carbon fiber clamshell headlamps, in addition to new aluminum alloy wheels wrapped up tightly in bespoke Pirelli tires. We definitely choose the simpler look of the new headlamps versus the multi-light bug eyes on the coupé, pictured below.

The 4C coupé at the Geneva Motor Show

Underneath its sensuous curves, the 4C Spider packs a fresh dual-stage central exhaust system from Akrapovic, a motorcycle and sports car exhaust specialist. The system offers enhanced performance and revised exhaust note at the push of a button.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider from above

One among Alfa’s selling points to the Spider version is opening up a better view of the interior to the outside world. As seen in Geneva, the cabin included a stylish contrast between rich leather and the underlying carbon fiber monocoque, which peeks through in places like the door sills, center console and rear bulkhead.

We may have preferred to see the debut 4C Spider dressed in one of the luscious reds how the hard-top has worn from the present and past, but Alfa explains that it chose three-layer gloss white as it believes the hue emphasizes the car’s shapes and surfaces particularly well. Still, please help it become red the very next time, Alfa.

Source: Alfa Romeo

Searching For A Top Rate Auto Shipping Company


There are many resources available to assist you in discovering a reliable auto shipping company. The best approach is to gather multiple car shipping quotes so you can compare shippers and find the best transporter for your specific situation.



Locate a Top Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 1.jpg

1Get quotes from different transport companies.


Get a Top Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 2.jpg

2After gathering your quotes, it may be beneficial to research the auto transport companies that sent you prices. You can visit an auto transport review board to read customer comments on any auto carrier.

Find a Top Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 3.jpg

3Check with your local Better Business Bureau office to verify your prospective auto transporter is in good standings, and has no outstanding issues.

Find a Top Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 4.jpg

4Verify that the auto shipper has their required bond and licensing information on file with the FMCSA. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association is committed to the promotion of Safer Driving in the Commercial Motor Vehicle industry plus a great resource for verification of a carriers safety records.

Find a Best Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 5.jpg

5Ask family or friends if they have ever used any auto transport services. Recommendations are a good way to get a trustworthy auto transport company.

Find a Best Rated Auto Shipping Company Step 6.jpg

6Schedule your pickup using the auto shipping expert of your liking. After your car or truck is delivered, be sure to leave feedback in your experience so that future customers can use your experience to acquire a good idea of methods that auto transporter operates.

Fabulous Storage Systems for Garages

An organized garage should have ample room to keep all of your tools and pieces, gardening equipment, bicycles, camping gear and muddy boots . . . and also the family car. Unfortunately many garages are so disorganized or packed with clutter that there is no room left for what it absolutely was designed for – the car.


Here are a few ideas to buy your garage make and organized room for everything.

Shoe storage racks – lots of people use the garage as the main entrance into their homes meaning that it is the ideal place for shoe storage to prevent people trailing into the house with dirty shoes. A lot of people have a distinct dislike for outdoor shoes to be used indoors anyhow. As opposed to a pile of jumbled shoes there are some simple built in and store bought shoe cupboards and organizers which can help to remove the pile and ensure that all of the family shoes are kept neatly and together without trying out valuable floor space.


Loft – a garage with an extremely high ceiling might have lots of unused space – loft space which may be easily utilized. It doesn’t have to be an expensive job – just something like a mezzanine floor with a railing for added safety and a pull down access ladder can produce oodles more storage space on an affordable price.

Overhead storage spaces – some people don’t have the budget or the time to invest in a loft there is however another alternative for garage spaces with high ceilings. Overhead storage units provide a good solution and compromise to storage problems. They can be particularly useful for the items which are only needed on rare occasions – camping equipment, holiday decorations or old toys and books that your kids have long since grown out from but you just can’t bear to part with them yet. Stuff that can probably create a garage sale in the next number of years.

Slat walls – they are the things you see in retail shops and are good for creating extra garage space too. They provide the perfect storage solution for things which you should get to easily and regularly but consume lots of valuable floor space. Slat walls may be fitted with customized shelves and hooks for versatility, choosing the right type of hook means that you can easily store everything from toys to garden chairs to tennis rackets to skis.

Pegboards – are a fabulous tool storage method and may be quickly, affordably and simply fitted above tool work and cabinets benches. Pegboards are simple, affordable and effective. All you need is a wide range of pegs fitted into the right holes and almost every tool and piece of material can be stored safely yet in easy reach freeing up valuable work area in the garage and helping to keep your tools organized.

Internal cabinets – are a more costly option but if you have the budget they are worth their weight in gold. Wall to wall / floor to ceiling gives a great deal of cabinet space making it easy to keep everything tidy and organized, with lots of room for the car. It could be rather expensive but it sure does alllow for an attractive garage.


There are some superb deals and motors available at Yucca Valley Ford perfect to adopt up residence in your newly organized garage. Check out the website at and find out which ones take your fancy. A fabulous organized garage and a great new motor – what better approach to give your lifestyle a boost?

Deciding Whether Or Not You Should Get Oil Change


Have you ever gone to a quick-lube place for an oil change and, while you’re waiting in the lobby for your car, the service bay/sales person informs you that a certain service(s) “”must”” be performed on the vehicle immediately to avert a disaster of immense proportion?

It’s a high-pressure moment. You think: I can get this done now, and not have to make an appointment at the dealership. I can save money here, too. And I want to take care of my car, which I rely on.

But here is the problem: Most of us do not know much about these products or services before being confronted with the questions and offers. And we hate to come across as ignorant about our car. Many of us can relate to this scenario.

The “”recommended service”” they advise usually includes one or more of the following:

-High mileage oil

-Fuel system cleaning

-Brake fluid flush

-Transmission flush

-Transfer case or differential fluid change

Knowledge is power. So let’s look at each service, the validity of the claim, and whether or not you should follow the advice.

Does Your Vehicle Need “”High Mileage”” Oil?

High mileage oils supposedly are formulated with more robust additive packages for better lubrication and rust inhibition, along with a nourishing agent to bring old, hardened oil seals back to life. Well, if that’s true, why didn’t the company initially give me its best formulation so that my car would get more mileage out of the engine in the first place? I consulted an expert in the industry to gather more information. Dan Watson, a Certified Lubrication Specialist (STLE) and publisher of and (an E-Zine about diesel power) sent me some bullet points to consider when offered “”high mileage oil.””

-High mileage oils are fortified with additional additives for improving the ability of the oil to deal with byproducts of combustion (otherwise known as “”crud.””) and enhance engine cleanliness.

-The age of the engine has nothing to do with the protection needed to maintain the engine and prevent wear.

-The best procedure is to start out with oil that doesn’t break down and leave sludge and varnish in the engine in the first place.

-Start the engine out from day-one using high quality synthetic engine oil and you will have superior protection and cleanliness from the start. You will never need a “”better oil”” when you get to a higher mileage.

-It is important to note all synthetic oils are not the same. Look for synthetic oils like AMSOIL or Mobil One; these oils have extremely robust additive packages designed for longer oil-change intervals. This insures you are getting maximum protection and superior cleanliness regardless of vehicle mileage.

Bottom-Line: Use high-quality synthetic oil from the start in a new car. Start using these same sorts of synthetic oils for maximum protection if you are driving a used car that you purchased. Don’t pay for something the attendant is calling “”high mileage”” oil, which could mean any number of things.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Fuel System Cleaning?

Maybe. But I can’t recommend getting it done at a quick-lube outlet.

Over time, fuel injectors get clogged with varnish deposits and dirt that’s picked up in the fuel. When this happens, the injectors dribble fuel into the combustion chamber rather than deliver a fine mist of air/fuel mixture for perfect combustion.

As an automotive machinist, I have seen many cylinder heads and pistons loaded with carbon buildup from inefficient combustion that resulted in inefficient and/or damaged engines. In addition, I can tell you that fuel additives to the fuel tank alone cannot keep a fuel system clean.

Fuel systems do need to be cleaned. During the fuel delivery system cleaning process, industrial strength carbon and varnish cleaners are injected directly into the fuel delivery system while the engine is running.

The problem I have with having this service done at a quick-lube is that they “”recommend”” the service almost every time you stop in for an oil change. Also, I question the quality of the fuel system service they offer. In order for this service to work effectively, they must use a special machine and a specific set of tools, as well as an industrial grade carbon and varnish cleaner. Such equipment, found in high quality repair facilities or dealerships, is often not available at quick lubes.

Don’t get me wrong. Quick lubes have their place in automotive service. However, I think they are out of their league in this area of service.

Bottom Line: This is not a diagnosis or service I would entrust to a quick-lube station.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Brake Fluid Flush?

Brake fluid flushing is a viable service that should be done if there is sediment and rust in the brake master cylinder. After researching several year, make, and model vehicles in the ALLDATA database, I realized that this is not a recommended service from the manufacturer.

At best, carmakers suggest an inspection of the braking system at regular intervals (every 6K miles or so) that includes inspection of the brake fluid along with the rest of the system. The hydraulic braking system is designed as a sealed and closed system. When it is exposed to the atmosphere because of a broken seal or hydraulic cup, the system will draw moisture into itself because of the hydroscopic (moisture absorbing) nature of the brake fluid.

So, a simple inspection of the brake fluid is all that is required. When checking brake fluid, look for proper level, color, and smell. Brake fluid that is clear/translucent in color, at the proper level, and has no evidence of a burnt smell indicates a healthy braking system. If the color is black or rust-colored, there is a problem. Simple flushing will not repair the root cause of the condition.

A dark or black color accompanied by a burnt smell is indication that the system has overheated. There are three causes of overheating: A stuck brake caliper, a seized emergency brake, or a contaminated wheel cylinder that causes a brake shoe to stick in the applied position. A rust-colored fluid indicates that moisture has entered the system, and therefore the system should be checked for a leaking component, a compromised line, or a torn master cylinder gasket. Brake fluid flushing alone without an inspection and/or repair of the root cause of the discolored fluid is not a repair. It is like a band-aid on a compound fracture.

Bottom Line: I do not recommend regular brake fluid flushing. It is simply not necessary unless a problem withlevel and color. Alternatively, smell of the brake fluid is observed.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Transmission Fluid Flush?

As a regular maintenance practice (every 35 – 40K miles) transmission flushing can ensure proper longevity and operation of the transmission. More often than that is overkill.

Some carmakers suggest this service every 100K miles or more. I don’t agree with this time frame because transmission fluid is oil, and oil breaks down over time (especially when the unit is worked hard). In addition, I don’t agree with just flushing the fluid without replacing the transmission filter. During the flush procedure, if the old filter is left in place, dirt and wear material will be go and dislodged back into the transmission. Dirt will then be flowing through the unit and contaminating it again. In addition, a worn, dirty filter is expected to do the job it once did when it was new! So, when flushing transmission fluid, always replace the filter. Period.

On transmissions with high mileage that have a history of being neglected (have not been serviced for many thousands of miles and the fluid is dark and smells burnt — evidence of overheating), I do not recommend a transmission flush. On a transmission that has been overheated, internal damage might have occurred. When the transmission is subjected to a complete bath of fresh high-detergency transmission fluid, the transmission will fail internally, if this is the case.

Bottom Line: If you have a high mileage vehicle and the quick lube shop has recommended a fluid flush, get a second opinion from a drivetrain expert before proceeding… or pay the consequences.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Transfer Case or Differential Fluid Change?

Transfer cases are very quirky units. When the differential fluid is compromised in any way from overheating or moisture contamination they can malfunction. Symptoms of a malfunction include engaging, disengaging and chatter rapidly while in gear, slowness to engage from low to high range, and a host of other strange maladies.

Different carmakers use different fluids for their respective transfer cases. Each fluid is uniquely formulated for the respective transfer case application.

Bottom Line: Rather to a drivetrain specialist or a dealership, though this is an area of service that I would never leave to a quick lube.

There is simply too much room for error when it comes to filling the unit with the wrong fluid.
I hope this clarifies any concerns or questions you might have before heading out to your local quick lube.

Remember, knowledge is empowering, and in this case, can save you a lot of time and moneythat’s and probably why you are going to the quick lube in the first place).

‘Til next time…Keep Rollin’

Automotive Experts Have To Say With Talking Cars


Talking Cars With Consumer Reports’

With the “Talking Cars With Consumer Reports” video podcast, our automotive experts bring our testing to life, discussing recent findings at our Auto Test Center and answering reader questions. The informal, fun format results in lively, insight discussions across a wide range of automotive topics.

There are several ways to enjoy the shows, including YouTube, iTunes, and the videos embedded here. Check the links below to catch up on old episodes and subscribe via your preferred channel to ensure you don’t miss a future show.

Ways to Evolve in Your Southern California

Surviving in Southern California is both a blessing plus a curse. Which means we suffer from serious droughts, although we have three hundred and several odd times of impeccable weather every year. We have access to the country’s best produce year-round and several of the country’s most notable National Parks. In order to thrive, we are famous for bad air quality and oppressive traffic, movie stars and opulence, and to deal with every one of the detriments and gems, there are a few things we as Southern Californians must have.

A Hybrid Nissan

A Nissan because they make the most efficient cars, go with a hybrid because it’s environmentally responsible and it also saves you money. A hybrid Altima is an ideal car that will help you cope with that world famous traffic we’re so lucky to obtain. In La, you absolutely must have an auto that you’re comfortable in because who knows when your twenty minute commute will take an hour. It should provide an easy blu-tooth system that connects your car or truck to your phone for seamless hands-free talking and texting. Also, as this city is simply so ridiculously big, you’ll often find yourself needing to use one of you route finding apps on your phone. A blu-tooth system will ensure that you get where you’re going efficiently and safely. Remember, in California you will definitely get a handsome fine for using your phone while driving. If you’re considering this wonderful car, or some of the other in the impressive fleet of 2014 Nissans, go to Nissan dealership Temecula or and check them out!



Don’t underestimate this, and listen to your mother! Wherever you are and whatever your skin tone, direct sunlight will find you. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself from the harmful rays. It’s easy to forget that even while you’re in your car or walking for your new Nissan to the office, you’re exposed to a constant barrage of harmful rays. Cancer rates are on the sun and rise block also slows aging! Using sunblock everyday is actually a cheap and straightforward way to ensure longer happiness and health.


An Adventurous Palate

If you have it, Los Angeles will likely be heaven, although obviously you don’t need this. LA county is home to a thriving Thai town, authentic Mexican food, the world’s biggest immigrant Korean community as well as a hub of diversity seen rarely within the entire world. If there’s a kind of food you want, you’ll be able to find it. You’ll find the best version of that food that you’ve ever had, though not only that. People who don’t are now living in Los Angeles always underestimate the magnitude of mind blowing food out here, and they’re invariably pleasantly surprised once they discover it. If foods are your thing, Google Jonathan Gold. He’s the LA Times’ food critic and he is always coming out with lists of the best food Los Angeles is offering. His opinion is as essential to me as my map.


Toyota Releases Its SR – MT – ALL POWER – 2001


Toyota Revo SR – MT – ALL POWER – 2001

More Toyota Revo

Toyota Revo 1.8 SR Toyota Revo – 01

? 260,000 Today 18: 15, NCR – Metro Manila

Model year : 2001Make : Toyota Color : Red/OrangeModel : RevoTransmission : Manual





















( 0918 ) 6075989 – GERRY

The New Impala Surpasses Expectations


Chevrolet’s redesigned new 2014 Impala sedan, majestic in its spacious proportions and featuring a new winning design that’s the most attractive product in the Chevy portfolio, has been a hit with critics and buyers alike. After receiving an outstanding rating of 95/100 from Consumer Reports, the highest rating among current sedans, the Imapala has exceeded even Chevy’s own expectations by flying off the dealership floor.

From the period between June 2013, when the new Impala went on sale, and January 2014, Chevy dealers moved around 103,000 units, or about the total of the competing Dodge Charger and Toyota Avalon combined. Those are big numbers in the larger sedan game, where consumers who want a little more than the typical midsize have largely moved to midsize crossovers, or to luxury cars.

2014 Chevrolet Impala Interior View

GM went all out in engineering the new Impala after the forgettable previous car was based on a platform more than a decade old. This car is all-new, from its sheetmetal to an efficient 305-horsepower, 3.6-liter V6 engine. The Impala is also available in 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 2.4-liter Eco hybrid trims. Sharing a platform with the Cadillac XTS full-size luxury car, the new Impala is flat and predictable in its cornering limits yet still features a quiet, composed ride that should be a breath of fresh air for those who don’t really want a tightly sprung sport sedan. Chevy paid particular attention to interior noise, where an active noise cancellation system works along with laminated glass and triple gaskets in the doors.

The 2014 Impala is available now with a $1,000 customer cash rebate, priced from an MSRP of $26,860. Typical transaction prices hover right around $30,000.