Fabulous Storage Systems for Garages

An organized garage should have ample room to keep all of your tools and pieces, gardening equipment, bicycles, camping gear and muddy boots . . . and also the family car. Unfortunately many garages are so disorganized or packed with clutter that there is no room left for what it absolutely was designed for – the car.


Here are a few ideas to buy your garage make and organized room for everything.

Shoe storage racks – lots of people use the garage as the main entrance into their homes meaning that it is the ideal place for shoe storage to prevent people trailing into the house with dirty shoes. A lot of people have a distinct dislike for outdoor shoes to be used indoors anyhow. As opposed to a pile of jumbled shoes there are some simple built in and store bought shoe cupboards and organizers which can help to remove the pile and ensure that all of the family shoes are kept neatly and together without trying out valuable floor space.


Loft – a garage with an extremely high ceiling might have lots of unused space – loft space which may be easily utilized. It doesn’t have to be an expensive job – just something like a mezzanine floor with a railing for added safety and a pull down access ladder can produce oodles more storage space on an affordable price.

Overhead storage spaces – some people don’t have the budget or the time to invest in a loft there is however another alternative for garage spaces with high ceilings. Overhead storage units provide a good solution and compromise to storage problems. They can be particularly useful for the items which are only needed on rare occasions – camping equipment, holiday decorations or old toys and books that your kids have long since grown out from but you just can’t bear to part with them yet. Stuff that can probably create a garage sale in the next number of years.

Slat walls – they are the things you see in retail shops and are good for creating extra garage space too. They provide the perfect storage solution for things which you should get to easily and regularly but consume lots of valuable floor space. Slat walls may be fitted with customized shelves and hooks for versatility, choosing the right type of hook means that you can easily store everything from toys to garden chairs to tennis rackets to skis.

Pegboards – are a fabulous tool storage method and may be quickly, affordably and simply fitted above tool work and cabinets benches. Pegboards are simple, affordable and effective. All you need is a wide range of pegs fitted into the right holes and almost every tool and piece of material can be stored safely yet in easy reach freeing up valuable work area in the garage and helping to keep your tools organized.

Internal cabinets – are a more costly option but if you have the budget they are worth their weight in gold. Wall to wall / floor to ceiling gives a great deal of cabinet space making it easy to keep everything tidy and organized, with lots of room for the car. It could be rather expensive but it sure does alllow for an attractive garage.


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