Learn About Your Country

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much our country has to offer. The majority of people don’t think of the natural wonders that dot our terrific landscape, though we are known the world over as a nation that fights for freedom and democracy. We are a nation of immense diversity with rich history that we can be both proud of and learn from. It could be foolish and overly idealistic to think that the United States was built on noble cause alone, so it’s essential to appreciate our wonderful country as objectively and open minded as is possible.


I’ve driven across this great nation twice now. Once I drove from Boston to L . A . along the Northern border, and once from Boston to La criss-crossing over the South. Both routes offered me terrific insight and wonderful experience and I highly recommend making enough time to take this epic road trip. If you are considering doing this, you absolutely must have a dependable, fuel-efficient car or SUV. That’s why I do believe you should look no further than the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder. You can purchase it a hybrid as well. This is definitely the more sensible choice because hybrids get better yet fuel-efficiency along long stretches of uninterrupted highway. If you make this journey, you’ll get a large amount of that, and believe me! Go to Puente Hills Nissan or www.downtownnissan.com immediately to help you start planning your trip.


When leaving from Boston, I would recommend first stopping in Washington D.C. What better place to start an appreciation for the country compared to Nation’s capitol? Here you will learn about the events and other people that shaped our Washington and nation D.C. will inspire a thirst within you to learn more about the country.

From Washington, I went down to New Orleans and enjoyed some of the best food and most rich culture that our country offers. I had among the best meals of my life there. It was catfish, covered in crawfish, smothered in garlic butter and served with herbs. Just thinking about it is making my stomach grumble even now. After New Orleans, I traveled west through Texas, stopping at the Alamo and then to one of the best steak houses anyone has been to. Right outside of El Paso I discovered a true gem called Cattleman’s Ranch. My last major stop in my way to La was at the Grand Canyon. One could spend years exploring this world famous natural wonder and still only get a small sense of the geology and wildlife.


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