Ways to Evolve in Your Southern California

Surviving in Southern California is both a blessing plus a curse. Which means we suffer from serious droughts, although we have three hundred and several odd times of impeccable weather every year. We have access to the country’s best produce year-round and several of the country’s most notable National Parks. In order to thrive, we are famous for bad air quality and oppressive traffic, movie stars and opulence, and to deal with every one of the detriments and gems, there are a few things we as Southern Californians must have.

A Hybrid Nissan

A Nissan because they make the most efficient cars, go with a hybrid because it’s environmentally responsible and it also saves you money. A hybrid Altima is an ideal car that will help you cope with that world famous traffic we’re so lucky to obtain. In La, you absolutely must have an auto that you’re comfortable in because who knows when your twenty minute commute will take an hour. It should provide an easy blu-tooth system that connects your car or truck to your phone for seamless hands-free talking and texting. Also, as this city is simply so ridiculously big, you’ll often find yourself needing to use one of you route finding apps on your phone. A blu-tooth system will ensure that you get where you’re going efficiently and safely. Remember, in California you will definitely get a handsome fine for using your phone while driving. If you’re considering this wonderful car, or some of the other in the impressive fleet of 2014 Nissans, go to Nissan dealership Temecula or metronissanredlands.com and check them out!



Don’t underestimate this, and listen to your mother! Wherever you are and whatever your skin tone, direct sunlight will find you. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself from the harmful rays. It’s easy to forget that even while you’re in your car or walking for your new Nissan to the office, you’re exposed to a constant barrage of harmful rays. Cancer rates are on the sun and rise block also slows aging! Using sunblock everyday is actually a cheap and straightforward way to ensure longer happiness and health.


An Adventurous Palate

If you have it, Los Angeles will likely be heaven, although obviously you don’t need this. LA county is home to a thriving Thai town, authentic Mexican food, the world’s biggest immigrant Korean community as well as a hub of diversity seen rarely within the entire world. If there’s a kind of food you want, you’ll be able to find it. You’ll find the best version of that food that you’ve ever had, though not only that. People who don’t are now living in Los Angeles always underestimate the magnitude of mind blowing food out here, and they’re invariably pleasantly surprised once they discover it. If foods are your thing, Google Jonathan Gold. He’s the LA Times’ food critic and he is always coming out with lists of the best food Los Angeles is offering. His opinion is as essential to me as my map.


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