How to Protect Your Car in The Summer

If you are looking for a fiat dealership Los Angeles is not going to let you down . . . all with rows of beautiful shiny motors, paintwork gleaming and bright, clean interiors. Unfortunately the savage heat of the summer can soon put a conclusion to all that. The heat as well as the sunshine might cause lots of harm to a car both on the inside and on the outside. Consider about how hot it can get inside your car if it’s been parked in full sunshine for even thirty minutes – we’ve all sat down on a hot seat in shorts or short skirt along with to shuffle around somewhat until things cool down (leather seats are definitely the worst culprits for your). Steering wheels can also get too hot to handle in the heat of the summer.


There are other problems too – the sun can harm the paintwork of your car, make the dashboard to break into and the seats to dry out. The trim can become and fade brittle . . . it is really a recipe for disaster.

Here are a few tips about how to protect your car or truck from the heat and the summer sun.


• The first tip is unquestionably not too difficult, in fact it’s remarkably easy – look for a shady location to park. This will help to keep the temperature lower inside the car and prevent the dashboard from drying out and getting cracked – it will prevent burned legs when you get back in the car. When the car is in a safe location, if at all possible it’s also a good idea to leave the windows open just a little to permit the air to circulate and equalize air pressure – this isn’t always safe but is something you should think of.

• Windshield sun protectors are worth their weight in gold through the hottest months. They may not be the most attractive thing on the planet but are cheap to buy, simple to use and will help you to keep the temperatures lower inside of your car.


• Seat covers are another easy solution for protecting both leather and other types of fabric seats. They will help to keep them clean, in good condition and funky in the summer.

• Leather seats are particularly vulnerable in the hot sunshine and can quickly become dry and cracked. Applying a touch of leather conditioner will help to keep them in tip top condition which will prevent them from cracking and tearing.

On the Outside;

• Keep your car nice clean with regular dries and washes. heat and Sunshine can cause the paint to become dull and cracked but regular washes will remove the dust / dirt particles which may cause those tiny scratches on the paints surface and then make it appear dull.

• Waxing your motor can be another good idea which reaps benefits during the summer; the wax can help to protect your paintwork from the harmful rays in the sun.


• Keep an eye on tire pressures all year long but especially in the summer. Hot pavements crossed with low tire pressures are a recipe for disaster and can cause blowouts. Even good quality tires may lose up to a pound of pressure per month within the hottest weather. Check these regularly – it’s safer to be safe than sorry.

At, they’ve got an excellent selection of motors all new and shiny . . If you would like your new car to stay doing this through the summer you know what to complete about it.

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